Our experience and passion for finding the most suitable flooring solution means we can help our clients select the most appropriate systems for their project.

The below provides some typical examples of where we can help our clients;

DPM Systems.. damp proof membranes in the form of polythene sheeting or epoxy liquid system applications
Insulation and Void Formers.. whether the project has thermal requirements, or simply has a void to fill
Acoustic Layers.. we can recommend and install the appropriate acoustic system for the project
Surface Preparation.. we have the equipment to provide full substrate preparation, for instance removing old adhesives and contaminants prior to the application of the bonding agent.

Screed Systems..
Bonded – where thin screeds are required to be bonded to the substrate. Whether epoxy or acrylic, we can advise the best method of screed bond for the project.
Unbondedwhere screeds have sufficient depth to be separated from the substrate, we can advise and install a suitable method.
Floating Systems (screed on insulation or void former) - where large build-ups require filling we can advise the most suitable void filling solutions prior to installing the screed
Rapid Drying we can provide fast drying solutions when reduced programme time is essential
Under Floor Heating compatiblewe can advise and install screed options to be installed over underfloor heating pipes
Liquid Anhydrite we are experienced installers of these highly thermally conductive free flowing gypsum (calcium sulphate) screeds
Liquid Cementitious specially formulated liquid screeds used to create self-levelling cementitious floor screeds
Traditionalcommon sand and cement (semi-dry) screeds
Heavy Duty robust semi-dry screeds when heavy traffic is expected
Polymer modifiedwearing screeds for improved water resistance and increased physical strength for industrial uses
Granolithic – a tough, hard wearing heavy duty screed option