Case Studies


Project Overview
An exceptional modern development of a 20,000 sq. ft. private residents club. The project firstly involved the remediation of over 1500m2 of the current failed slab base; through use of specialized epoxy and mesh reinforcement treatments. Once complete, we then carried out a pumped liquid Renovation screed to all underfloor heated areas alongside the installation of a quick drying levelling screed to the gym, plant rooms, cinema and swimming pool area to zero tolerance falls to maintain water levels.

1500m2 Epoxy Resin Reinforcement Treatment to restore failed base surface
750m2 Pumped Free-flowing Renovation Screed
750m2 Pumped Early Drying Screed
£85k Project Value

McCue Crafted Fit
November 2016 – Feb 2017
London SW5


Project Overview
A refurbishment project aimed to open-up and extend the existing building; to improve both accessibility and the flow of visitors around the exhibits. The project involved extensive installation of both traditional and liquid screed systems, requiring wide-ranging floor preparation methods to existing surfaces and the installation of various types of expansion joint systems.

3000m2 Pumped Rapid Drying Floor Screed
3000m2 Pumped Free-flowing Underlayment
400m Expansion Joint Systems Installed
£350k Project Value

Gilbert Ash Contruction
June 2016 – March 2017
London SW3


Project Overview
Three individual projects on this technological campus for our client SDC.
The Bradfield Centre, set to become one of the UK’s largest innovation centres, comprising of over 1000m2 of early strength screed and Resin Bound finishes to external landscapes.
Unit 26 Trinity College, a distinctive three storey new development, encompassing screed to plant rooms, link bridges, stair lobbies, toilet cores and roof areas.
And Unit 29, the latest build requiring heavy duty fast setting screeds to a variety of areas of the project incorporating ramps and insulation

Resin Bound finishes to external landscapes
Over 4000m2 of pumped early strength screed
Polymer modified external screeds
£170k Combined Project Value

SDC Limited
June 2016 – September 2017


Project Overview
The demolition of existing and creation of a 230,00 sq.ft. Grade A multi- story office building in Central London. The project involved pumping a heavy duty reinforced screed up to 10 floors high, incorporating the installation of waterproofing membranes, retaining angles, insulation and void former layers. This project also involved the installation of waterproof polymer modified screeds to external areas.

3500m2 Pumped Heavy Duty Reinforced Floating Screed
500m2 External Polymor modified Screed
Installation of waterproof membranes, retaining angles, insulation and void formers
£130k Project Value

Macai Projects
September 2016 – Sept 2017
London EC4


Project Overview
A redevelopment project of luxury apartments and ground floor retail space. Our scope consists of the full screed installation package, from the installation of acoustic membranes, void formers and tanking, to the final application of screed.
A pumped self-levelling fast drying liquid screed was used to allow screed pours in excess of 500m2 in one day to provide a smooth, high strength floor surface whilst maintaining tight programme constraints.

Over 9000m2 fast drying liquid screed
Over 500m2 installed per visit
Full installation package provided: acoustic layer to screed
£190k Project Value

Tolent Construction Ltd
August 2017 - present
London, SE1